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About Spin

Simple to Learn

Spin-Olé is a simple dexterity game. Place the bullring game piece within the START HERE area, tap the edge of the bullring to set it in motion, score points when the bullring lands on the gameboard.

Never the Same

Every spin is different and can score a 1pt, 2pt leaner or a 3pt ringer. The creme de le creme is an instant winning OLE! - a perfect centered 3pt ringer. A rare event!

More than a Game

Spin-Olé goes beyond being a fun challenging table top board game, it is also used as a theraputic rehabiltation device and a physics learning tool for educational institutions.

Spin-Olé Shot-Olé game boards

Multifuntional Game Board.

The main front side of Spin-Olé is a family style challenging competitive game for all ages. Our single-sided Spin-Olé is very popular.

The OPTIONAL back side of Spin-Olé has an adult (21+) drinking game called Shot-Olé. The scoring system has been reduced to 11 from 21 to help games go more quickly.

Custom corporate or bar/restaurant/brewery or any large socail group branding is avaialbe upon consultation.

Designed Optimized

We strive to be GREEN utilizing renewable resources like bamboo and water-based printing techniques to help reduce our carbon footprint.

Easy Customization

We can brand any corporate, business, bar, restaurant, brewery, dispensory, team, school, etc. logos helping to extend your customer experience.

Simple, Light Weight, Portable & Always Challenging

Challenge yourself. Challenge others. Set goals. Master the spin. Play at home. Play on the plane. Use as a fidget game. The possiblities are endless.

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The Game

What is Spin-Olé?

 Spin-Olé is a new family style table top board game fun and challenging for all.
Each player takes turns spinning their game piece (a soft rubber ring - aka "bullring")
towards the center post to score points. Points are scored as 1pt touching the game
logo, 2pt leaners and 3pt ringers. The creme de le creme of Spin-Olé point
scoring is the Olé! A perfectly centered 3pt ringer. OLE! you WIN!

The game was created over six years ago by two long time competitive friends.
From a simple concept and several years of prototyping & constructive feedback,
 Spin-Olé is destined to become a classic ever challenging table top board game.

Here is what makes Spin-Olé uniquely special:

The Rules are Simple
The Games are Quick to Play
Game Play is Highly Re-playable
Spin-Olé Encourages Social Interactivity
The Game is Portable and Highly Competitive
Spin-Olé is well Suited across
All Ages & Skill Levels
Playing Enhances Cognitive
and Dexterity Skill Levels
The Game Board is made from
Renewable Material - Bamboo

Versatility in one simple portable game

Spin-Olé can be purchased as a single-sided family game board.
Or, for the over 21 crowd, a double-sided game board is available:
Spin-Olé - family game on the front side
Shot-Olé - adult drinking game back side.

For educational or rehabilitational markets,
Spin-Olé - family game on the front side
Spot-Olé - educational shapes, colors & numbers are on the other side.

We will release several other versions (family & adult) in the 1st half of 2025

Spin Time


From the original concept to several
prototypes and many different board
surface materials

Game Spin Tested


Thoroughly tested among family, friends,
co-workers, party events & social gatherings.

Spin Ole bamboo


Made from a natural renewable resource
- BAMBOO. One of the fastest and
durable grasses on planet earth.

See Spin-Olé in action

  • Step 1- Place "bullring" on edge in "Start Here" area

  • Step 2- Set bullring in motion with gentle tap on outside edge

  • Step 3- Wait for bullring to land and stop completely

  • Step 4- Move scoring dung peg according to landing position

  • Step 5- Achieve a perfect centered 3pt ringer to achieve an OLE! WIN

Spin-Olé Gallery

Original Spin-Ole board

Our standard original family
style Spin-Ole game board

Spin-Ole Accessory Tin

All Spin-Ole game accessory pieces are stored in a convenient storage tin!

Spin-Ole "Bullring" game pieces

Every Spin-Ole game is provided with 2 super-durable bullrings game pieces

Spin-Ole Complete Game Set

Everything you need to play Spin-Ole at home or anywhere you go!

Spin-Ole "dung" Scoring Pegs

Easily keep score of your game with our colorful biodegradeable "dung" scoring pegs

Limited Edition Spin-Ole USA

Limited edition 4th of July/Made-in-USA Spin-Ole game board

Spin-Ole Center Scoring Posts

Spin-Ole has 2 different length Center Scoring posts for easy or more challenging play

Shot-Ole game board

For those over 21+, adding Shot-Ole to your drinking game arsenal is a must!

Custom Logo'd Spin-Ole boards

Contact us for a quotation in getting your own branded custom logo'd Spin-Ole game board!

Custom Logo'd board (example 1)

Custom Spin-Ole / Shot-Ole boards are available in qty's larger than 20

Scoring 1-pt in Spin-Ole

So long as the bullring touches ANY part of the Spiral logo, 1-pt is scored

Custom Logo'd board (example 2)

Custom Spin-Ole / Shot-Ole boards are great for brewery's, pubs, comapny branding, etc.

Scoring a 2-pt "leaner" in Spin-Ole

If the "bullring" is leaning against the Center Post when at a complete stand-still, 2-pts are scored

Custom Logo'd board (example 3)

Custom Spin-Ole / Shot-Ole boards help keep your customers engaged and add revenue as a great merch item

Scoring a 3-pt "ringer" in Spin-Ole

When the "bullring" lands around the Center Post, 3-pts are scored

The PERFECT 3pt Ringer - an OLE!

Scoring a perfectly centered 3-pt "ringer" results in an automatic Win! You scored an OLE!!


Cole S.

Feb 22, 2020

Definitely a fun challenging game. I take this with me to my local watering hole and we have a great time playing for beers. Still waiting to get my 1st Ole! against one of the guys.


Dakota J.

Mar 21, 2019

When I first saw this game I knew I had to have one. Fun and very addictive for any sports fan. It's amazing how the bullring seams to take on a life of its own. I have gotten three 3-pt ringers in a row. I hear there is a bounty of some sort if you get 5 ringers in a row. I am trying to be the first to chase that down.


Mark W.

April, 2022

I am a major sports guy. Watch them all and play many from bowling to knife throwing! Took this Spin-Olé game with me on a trip to Aruba. I had a crowd of people around me every time I took the game out at the local bars. One new found friend down there begged me to leave the game with him. So I did. Bought 2 more as soon as I got back home!

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