Learn How to Play Spin-Ole.

  • Co-founder K. Hope
  • July 14, 2023


Family Style Spin-Ole bringscountless hours of challenging fun

Spin-Ole game boards

Simple Rules to Game Play

In the center of the game board is a target post. Simply position the "bull ring" in an upright standing position and gently "nudge" the ring towards the center post.

If the bull ring touches any part of the printed spiral logo when it stops, 1 point is scored.

If the bull ring stops while leaning against the center post, 2 points are scored.

If the bull ring lands over and around the center post, 3 points are scored.

If the bull ring lands over and around the center post and perfectly circles the printed spiral logo, an Olé is scored and that person automatically wins regardless of the current score.

OLÉ !!!! Olé!!!! Olé!!!!

See Scoring Examples

spiral clock

Quick Play or Extended Play

With the built-in scoring system, games can be quick or extended. Short common games are played to 11 points.

Extended games are played to 21.

You can chose to call a "skunk" game rule: first to 11 when oppenent has 0 Wins!

Several of the odd numbers are printed in RED to easily help assist in selecting what score to play to.

Other extended games can be played similar to Tennis - best of 3 sets is the winner. Or play Hockey style: most 3-pointers in a 5 minute period. Play 3 periods to see who wins.

Try playing a game of 3 pointers only or five 3 pointers in a row wins. NOTE: 5 in a row 3-pt ringers has not happened yet.

The possibilities are endless.

Let us know of any NEW Spin-Ole games you come up with! We support you as you support us.

Escher people

Variety of Ways to Play

In addition to the traditional family style of game play, Spin-Olé can be played in groups or teams.

If four people are playing together, you can play the game to a total of 9 points and still use the built-in scoring system. Two people will use the numbers 1-9 and the other two people will use the numbers 11-19.

If more than four people are playing, you can keep score in your head or write it down on paper.

Another version of head to head play is called Jousting Spin-Olé. When playing Jousting mode, each player positions their bull ring and before they spin, one player calls out, "ready, set, spin-olé" and they spin at the same time.

The one who lands closest to the post gets the point. Or, the one who lands on top of the other and touches the score zone gets the point.

Lessons on Playing Spin-Ole.

Learning how to properly spin or "launch" the "Bullring" is key to enjoying the game of Spin-Olé (or any of the "-Ole" games).

To start, stand the bullring upright on its' flat edge surface anywhere in the START HERE area between the outer and inner circle ring lines.

To ensure a good trajectory, "point" the bullring towards the Center Post whereever you place the bullring within the START HERE area.

Now visualize the standing bullring as a compass with N at the top, S at the bottom, W on the left center side and E on the right center side

Spin-Ole bullring

Using the tip of any one finger, curl the finger inward and then gently "push" through the E side of the standing bullring with the tip of that finger moving forward as it hits the outer edge of the bullring.

(if you are RIGHT HANDED, push through the E side: if you are LEFT HANDED, push throught the W side; if you are ambidexterous, you will most likely frighten many of your competitors and win by default...............Play on Champ!)

Launch Pointers

Less IS more.

The "launch" is more about finess than it is about power. Take time to learn how to control the launch.

What NOT to do

Do NOT use a tight flick action between fore finger and thumb (or any finger and thumb) as this causes the bullring to fly off the gameboard

The amount of flicking force you use will determine how the bullring spirals towards the center post. Too much flicking pressure will typically cause the bullring to fly off the gameboard.

Too little flicking pressure will typically cause the bullring to flop down or travel a very short distance.

After a few attempts, you will soon acquire the right flicking touch and see the bullring spiral towards the center post and scoring zone.

Once you have mastered the flicking launch, you can experiment with other ways to push flick, or even pull flick, the Bull Ring towards the center post and score zone.

Within a short time of playing Spin-Olé, you will develop your very own "sweet spot" to start your spin.....perhaps you angle slightly away from the post, or perhaps you start perpendicular to the center post.

There is not a set position to place the bullring other than it must be placed between the Outer and Inner ring in the START HERE area in order to validate a scoring point.

Lesson 1 is over. That is all you need to know.

Now go have fun challenging others to Spin-Olé !!

Body Sync

Within a few short minutes of continuous practice, you will find a consistancy in how the bullring spirals towards the Center Post .

Mastering Spin-Ole

Like any sport, Spin-Ole game playing improves the more you practice and understand the game techniques.

Watch this short video to understand the basic spin launch of the Spin-Ole bullring game piece.

Having this basic understanding of launching the bullring will help greatly

in having success in playing Spin-Ole and all of the -Ole games.